BM word game FineWord:

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  • From the original 4x4 square, which contains real horizontal
  • and vertical words, at the beginning of the game there is a
  • square containing pairs of words that have changed a letter
  • between them. To find the original words, drag the letter from
  • the first word over the corresponding letter in the second word
  • and they change their place. If the correct word is reached, it
  • becomes green. You will get a hint containing the words that have
  • mixed lette


IOS Applications

Classic Biorhythm:

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  • Your life is affected by rhythmic biological
  • cycles (biorhythms) that move in sinus curves
  • starting at your birth and continuing throughout
  • your whole life, influencing you in many ways. The
  • four rhythms of particular importance are: Physical,
  • Emotional, Intellectual and Intuitive.
  • Critical Day is a day of a particular rhythm when
  • it crosses the X-Axis from the top down. The critical
  • phase is the most vulnerable time for an individual,
  • and the abilities associated with a particular rhythm can
  • be very low.
  • The user can select cycles to view





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